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SKB cases could be the best line of custom travel cases for musicians, industrial distributors, and athletic sports equipment transportation.

SKB is a case manufacturing company dedicated to being the best in its industry. You can find the self proclaimed SKB cases, "The Transport Authority: Music Cases, Industrial Cases, sports cases" here: SKB Cases at

Why do we promote SKB, because quite simply the cases they produce are of the highest quality. Here is why: SKB Cases are manufactured of ultra-high molecular weight Polyethylene. This unique material was originally specified by the military for use in weapons cases, due to the fact that it is impervious to solvents, fuels or toxic liquids. It is essentially indestructible, molds easily under heat, and forms an "impenetrable shield", thereby protecting whatever it is contains. SKB also utilizes aluminum valance material for its strength and lightweight characteristics on all closures, with a special "slot" for a custom fitted Neoprene gasket that assists in sealing out moisture. SKB does all this valance bending in house to assure a perfect fit. All riveting on SKB cases utilizes steel backing plates to prevent pulling through the plastic material. This is an SKB invention. This attention to detail is one of many factors that make SKB cases superior to all others. Handles, wheels, D-rings, exterior feet, cam-action locking latches and butterfly clamps are all heavy duty variety, and are also covered under the exclusive SKB Lifetime Warranty, unless abused. Some of the handles and latches are manufactured by SKB from plastic "regrind". Plus SKB has their own investment casting facility for making latches and hardware. Rack mount cases utilize aluminum rack frames, and include specially designed rack clips and mounting screws for installation of equipment. The Shock rack interior rack frame is a proprietary design with both front and rear rack rails, and an exclusive shock-spring mechanism engineered by SKB. The shock spring concept originally came from a missile carrying case SKB built for the military.

SKB is so dedicated to it's profession that they even distribute a publication, the Case Street Journal. This allows interested consumers and industry dealers to stay on top of the newest and best trends in SBC cases. For example some articles in the SKB publication include; Listening to dealer and consumer market demands, SKB released the SKB-106DJ to critical acclaim. The SKB-106DJ Station fulfills the requests of working DJ’s. The U.S. Series Roto Racks, feature a rotationally molded tuff shell, front and rear lids, as well as recessed heavy-duty latches, molded-in handles, shock absorbing rubber feet and the recognizable patented Roto-X. On the heels of the successful launch of the 10 space Industrial Roto Shock Case at Summer NAMM, SKB announces this production and release. SKB’s very popular Velcro Desktop Gig Wing has been redesigned to accommodate older and newer versions of SKB’s Gig Rigs and Mini Gig Rigs. The new design stabilized the shelf and eliminated any side-to-side wobble. The new SKB PS-35 Deluxe Pedalboard has four effects loops and can power nine 9V pedals only with 500 m/A. Facing critical shortage of musicians for military funerals, the Pentagon has approved the use of a push-button bugle that plays taps by itself; and more.

There isn't not enough that can be said about this fine brand of cases. Don't wait, buy your custom SKB case now.

The Number one place to SKB cases is HERE:

Maxline Custom Cases

Interesting Factoid: CRT Laboratories, Inc. (UL Registered ISO 9002/ISO 17025 Compliant) confirmed in recent independent laboratory tests that SKB cases are 50% stronger than leading non-North American made cases. Using the standard Gardner Impact testing methods, which measures the failure of materials upon relationship.

Need we say anything more? Buy a SKB Case for your music, industrial, or sports equipment needs today.

Another Interesting Factoid: In 1977, the first SKB case was manufactured in a small Anaheim, California garage. Today SKB engineers cases for hundreds of companies involved in many diverse industries.

The 2+ decades of steady growth and for adherence to quality standards make SKB Cases industry leaders. They never lose sight of the fact that their customers give them the opportunity to excel, develop, and grow.

"We are grateful for their trust and loyalty and we remain dedicated to the assurance that every case with an SKB logo has been manufactured with an unconditional commitment to unsurpassed quality."

Find the best Custom music Equipment SKB cases:


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