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ATA cases are built tough. Buy an ATA Case today:

What are ATA cases? ATA stands for "Air Transport Association" and cases that are "ATA Cases" are built to "specification 300". This means that ATA cases are built to endure testing procedures that simulate 100 common carrier (air, land and sea) shipments. All “normal & expected” rough handling environments were taken into consideration when testing these cases. ATA was the first to evolve this specification and established its vibration test, drop test and moisture tests criteria guidelines for cases. Thus today we have ATA cases.

The ATA specifications are merely guidelines established by the Air Transport Association to establish criteria for rating the airworthiness and level of shipping strength of various types of shipping containers or cases. What is truly important in any ATA case is how far it exceeds the ATA standard.

ATA Cases built by industry professionals at Maxline Custom Case are regularly made to meet ata standards. And at Maxline, ATA is just the beginning. They can build custom cases for almost any situation. Maxline is our Travel Case Supplier of choice. Check them out.

ATA Cases

More about the history of the ATA Air Transport Association.

Founded by a group of 14 airlines meeting in Chicago in 1936, it was the first, and today remains, the only trade organization for the principal U.S. airlines. In that capacity it has played a major role in all the major government decisions regarding aviation since its founding, including the creation of the Civil Aeronautics Board, the creation of the air traffic control system, and airline deregulation. The purpose of the ATA are to support and assist its members by promoting the air transport industry and the safety, cost effectiveness, and technological advancement of its operations; advocating common industry positions before state and local governments; conducting designated industry-wide programs; and assuring governmental and public understanding of all aspects of air transport.

ATA Cases are but one of the few standards set by the ATA. During its history, ATA has seen the airline industry and its members evolve from the small, pioneering companies of the 1930s into key players in the global transportation market. The industry continues to evolve with the addition of new carriers, which are playing a major role in shaping the future of air transportation and shipping case standards.

As airlines continue to look for ways to reduce costs and maximize efficiencies while maintaining the safest transportation system in the world, ATA offers carriers that very opportunity. ATA is respected by Congress, state legislatures, the Department of Transportation, the Federal Aviation Administration, the press and the public for its professional and accomplished representation of the industry. As its members chart their futures in this changing market, ATA provides invaluable expertise, guidance and assistance in the development and regulation of various travel cases.

ATA's structure is similar to most airlines and provides an interface between the carriers and various government and private sector organizations. Key departments within the association deal with operations and safety of ATA cases, engineering of ATA cases, maintenance and material of ATA cases, airport operations, air traffic management, cargo, e-business, facilitation, federal and state government affairs, international affairs, legal affairs, passenger service, public relations, and security. Working with these established functions are a variety of ATA councils, committees, subcommittees and task forces, composed of experts from member airlines, formed to address industry issues.

Today, the ATA continues to represent the industry on major aviation issues before Congress, federal agencies, state legislatures, and other governmental bodies. It continues to promote safety by coordinating industry and government safety programs, and it serves as a focal point for industry efforts to standardize practices and enhance the efficiency of the air transport system.

The federal government plays an important role in assuring the safety of air travel. This is why standards such as ATA has set for ATA cases, cases approved by ATA, have been developed. It has done so since the enactment of the Air Commerce Act of 1926, and it continues to play a leading role in aviation safety today. Although the Airline Deregulation Act of 1978 ended all domestic economic regulation of the airlines, it did not end government regulation of safety. All safety requirements and programs in place at that time are still in force, and many new regulations have been added. ATA - Air Transport Association of America. Federal organization responsible for setting guidelines for testing of cases and containers. The ATA has set the standards for commercial airline shipping cases and containers. Airline Transportation Approved = A guideline in which manufactures need to meet or exceed the Airline Transportation Association.

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